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Many are available with either full or 2-person cast.


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“The Whodunit Players Company made our company’s holiday party an outrageously fun experience! Participants of all ages, with different personalities and senses of humor had a great time.


"The two professional actors who were sent from Whodunit Players Company were very friendly, professional, and accommodating as they arrived early and set-up props before the murder mystery show began. They worked around any requests that we had regarding start and end times, and encouraged participation by everyone without being the least bit pushy. The actors were extremely talented and witty as they built on jokes made by one another as well as members of the audience. 


Afterwards, everyone in attendance continued to rave on and on about the murder mystery show experience provided by the Whodunit Players, and they said it was by far the best company holiday party they had ever attended!


"Bud Walters and the Whodunit Players Company created an extremely fun and memorable experience for our company’s holiday party and we would highly recommend others to hire them for their next party or event!”
- Parsons Brinckerhoff

Lights ... Camera ... Murder! click to view description


Gloria Swansong is coming back to the silver screen. But someone wants to send her to that big screening room in the sky instead! Could it be the spurned lover, the jealous stand-in, or does someone have a dark secret? No more "close ups" for Miss Sawnsong! WHODUNIT?

A Wedding to Die Forclick to view description

Dusty Pitts, the multi-billion dollar widowed cattle baron, and country song stylist B.B. Lovelace, after a whirlwind romance of two months, are tying the knot. Sure, she's been the biggest Bridezilla ever, but he loves her, right? And their friends and relatives are here to help them celebrate, right? Or is someone there to stop the wedding ... at any cost? WHODUNIT?

Murder was Worthitteclick to view description

Worthitte Muffins was just named the most successful producer of retail bakery items in the country. What started as a one-store family business has become a major corporation and made Ima Worthitte a major corporate personality. But she is having problems with both her her family and her business associates. How is a modern business woman supposed to survive ... literally! WHODUNIT?

Abracadaver, You’re Deadclick to view description


What's a magician's worst nightmare? Try having your mother, two ex-wives, your wife and a pretty young woman as your assistants? But what slight-of-hand has caused one of them to drop dead? WHODUNIT?

The Agony of Da’ Feetclick to view description


Everyone has gathered for the dance class; too bad the teacher is dead on his feet. Was it murder or fatigue? Is it possible to dance yourself to death? WHODUNIT?

Beauty Blast at Belcher’s Breweryclick to view description


Belcher's Brewery is hosting there 2nd Annual Ms. Hops Beauty Contest. Anyone is allowed to enter as long as they work at the brewery ... but not every contestant is a lady! And owner Richard Head is about to learn that beauty can be a killer! WHODUNIT?

Curl Up & Dieclick to view description

The newest make-over reality show to hit the airwaves is "Make-Over America," which goes all other the country doing makeovers using a team of specialists. The lucky nominee receives a complete makeover, and the artistic team could win a half-million dollars. But tonight, somebody's going to lose it all! WHODUNIT?


The Game of Deathclick to view description


The competition on America's newest game show "You Said What?" can be intense. The audience can win big! The questions come fast and the answers are not always obvious. But behind the scenes, it's downright deadly. Who will be tonight's big loser? WHODUNIT?


In Elf Defense (Holiday)click to view description


Efficiency expert Ava Neezer has announced that several departments at Santa's workshop are to be dismantled. The elves want to negotiate but when reasoning doesn't work, will one of Santa's Helpers help change Ava's mind for good? After all, when it comes to protecting what's important, it's all done in Elf Defense! WHODUNIT?

Santa’s Slay...Oops, Sleigh (Holiday)click to view description


Santa and Mrs. Claus are having a party. But someone is about to get a really big lump of coal for being bad and killing Santa! Can Barry Mitzvah, the elf, and Santa's daughter, Ann Arctic, discover WHODUNIT?


Monster Bash (Halloween)click to view description


In a few weeks the Halloween Monsters' Society will elect their new president. Tonight is the final debate between the candidates, and all the special interest lobbyists are here. And so is a murderer! WHODUNIT?


Chance of a Ghost (Halloween)click to view description


Seymore Spectre’s highly popular cable. show, “Chance Of A Ghost” has found another site for a potential haunting. He has brought in six specialists to find out what is going on until a death occurs. Now there is a real ghost in the crowd but WHODUNIT?

Murder With a Twistclick to view description


Richard Toomie is opening his new martini bar Twist, and the grand opening event finds many of his family an associates joining him for a special inaugural martini to celebrate. It soon becomes obvious that Toomie is not a very popular man ... and tonight someone wants the evening to end with a deadly twist! WHODUNIT?

Murder at Upsonne Downsclick to view description


It's an exciting day at Upsonne Downs. Winsome Churchill and Delmar Belmont are hosting a party to celebrate the debut of their new race horse. Everyone is excited ... everyone except verterinarian Colton Phyllie. Seems he has some bad news, but nobody wants to hear it. One of them wants to keep the news quiet ... for good. WHODUNIT?

Putt to Deathclick to view description

The members and staff at the Country Club are understandably upset; somebody has shot a hole in one ... of them. What secrets are they hiding? Will they remain hidden? And are any of them worth killing for .. again? WHODUNIT?


Queer Eye for the Dead Guyclick to view description


The boys of Metro Makeover are at it again. They're about to change some guy's life forever .. or maybe end it. Is he a "fashion victim" or just a victim? When their latest makeover guest meets his maker, it becomes a case of "she" said, "she" said. WHODUNIT?


Honeymoon at Whack-KiKiclick to view description


Aloha! Welcome to the Kamanahwanahleiu Hotel where life is happily ever after & unless you’re dead. Family and friends have gathered to celebrate newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Macon DiNero. But someone wants the send-off to be permanent for one of them. WHODUNIT?


Shots at the Speakeasyclick to view description


Big Mike is hosting a summit with the city’s biggest bootlegger and gunrunner. As Big Mike works up the crowd for a night of 1920s fun, a shot rings out in the Speakeasy. WHODUNIT??






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